Building Consulting

OnPoint Solutions offers unrivaled experience to provide fully independent building damage consulting.

Crisis situations often impacts local infrastructure. One of the most complicated and important components of the recovery process is the rapid and effective restoration of these structures.

Building Damage Assessment

OnPoint Solutions llc, provides accurate and reliable repair estimates based on costs that can be supported. Correctly assessing and establishing the proper scope of repairs to restore a damaged structure to it’s pre-loss condition is the crucial step in resolving any property claim.Our team will provide a logical sequencing of all tasks and durations to determine the period and cost of restoration.

Cost Estimating and Consulting

The current economic environment has created unprecedented shifts in the construction market and subsequently the associated costs, leading to unexpected and hard to predict changes in project costs.  As an independent cost estimator, OnPoint Solutions llc has our finger on the pulse of current construction pricing trends and the various elements that effect project pricing.  We are constantly aware of the status of the construction market and its ever-changing components.

Dispute Resolution

OnPoint Solutions unique understanding of the design/construction and litigation processes allows us to assist clients in successfully resolving even the toughest disputes. Our objective is to work with disputing parties to resume communication and negotiate a resolution in order to minimize or avoid the time, cost and personal disruption associated with lengthy litigation.